survivalMPLdc: Penalised Likelihood for Survival Analysis with Dependent Censoring


The survivalMPLdc package provides the estimating and plotting function for the Cox hazard models under dependent right censoring using maximum penalised likelihood method Xu et al (2018).

The survivalMPLdc currently only supports proportional hazard models. The future work can extend the proposed method to other semi-parametric hazard model, i.e. the accelerate failure or additive hazard models. Other type of censoring, i.e. interval censoring and even time-dependent covariates can be considered.


Stable release on CRAN

The survivalMPLdc package can be installed from CRAN.

Development version on Github

You can use the devtools package to install the development version of survivalMPLdc from GitHub:


A reference manual is available at


Xu, J., Ma, J. and Fung, T. (2020). survivalMPLdc: Survival Analysis under Dependent Right Censoring using Maximum Penalised Likelihood. R package version 0.1.0.